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Create music with the on-screen visual keyboard
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Displays an on-screen musical keyboard to play the piano. Includes 128 musical instruments, with support for keys mapping.

Musical Keys is a simple but complete virtual synthesizer-like keyboard that allows you to play it using your computer's keyboard.
You can play it just for fun, or to compose your own music; and later, you can review your playing performance and your final composition, thanks to MusicalKeys' a recording feature, which allows you to save audio files in wav format, in order to listen to them later.

Its simplicity may be misleading because in addition to its playing and recording features, it offers a huge amount of different sounds, such as: Accordion, Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Grand Piano, Acoustic Guitar Nylon, Acoustic Guitar Steel, A-go-go, Alto Sax, Applause, Bagpipe, Banjo, Baritone Sax, Bassoon, Bird Tweet, Blown Bottle, Brass Section, Breath Noise, Bright Acoustic Piano, Celesta, Cello, Choir Aahs, Church Organ, Clarinet, Clavinet, Contrabass, Distortion Guitar, Drawbar Organ, Dulcimer, Electric Bass Pick, Electric Grand Piano, Electric Guitar Clean, Electric Guitar Jazz, Electric Guitar Muted, Electric Piano!, Electric Piano2, Electric Bass Finger, English Horn, Fiddle, Flute, French Horn, Fretless Bass, Fx2Soundtrack, Fx3Crystal, Fx4Atmosphere, Fx5B lightness, Fx6Goblins, Fx7Echoes, Fx8SciFi, FxlRain, Glockenspiel, Guitar Fret No, Guitar Harmonics, Gunshot, Harmonica, Harpsichord, Helicopter, Honky-Tonk Piano, Kalimba, Koto, Lead2Sawtooth, Lead3Calliope, Lead5Charang, Lead7Fitths, LeadChiff, Leadl Square, LeadSBassAndLead, LeadSVoice, Marimba, Melodic Tom, Music Box, Muted Trumpet, Oboe, Ocarina, Orchestra Hit, Orchestral Harp, Overdriven Guitar, Pad2Warm, Pad3Polysynth, Pad4Choir, Pad5Bowed, Pad6Metallic, Pad’ Halo, PadlNewAge, Pad Sweep, Pan Flute, Percussive Organ, Piccolo, Pizzicato Strings, Recorder, Reed Organ, Reverse Cym, Rock Organ, Seashore, Shaku, Shamisen, Shanai, Sitar, SlapBass2, SlapBassl, Soprano Sax, Steel Drums, StringEnsemble2, StringEnsemblel, Synth Drum, SynthBass2, SynthBassl, SynthBrass2, SynthBrassI, SynthStrings2, SynthStringsl, SynthVoice, Taiko Drum, Tango Accordion, Telephone R, Tenor Sax, Timpani, Tinkle Bell, Tremolo Strings, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Tubular Bells, Vibraphone, Viola, Violin, Voice Oohs, Whistle, Woodblock, and Xylophone.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Recording feature
  • 128 different sounds


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